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Agabus PK


Agabus PK

    Our Mission

    Agabus Pastor's Kids (PKs) is a ministry that comes from our other ministry, Agabus. Agabus PK provides support to families of pastors in Egypt. Obtaining a university-level education requires students to receive additional tutoring during their secondary school years, and private tutors are very expensive; many Pastors can't afford to provide that for their children.

    Our Mission Activities

    For $400 a year, children of pastors in Egypt will be able to receive the tutoring they need to succeed in school. We provide tutoring support for 8 pastors' kids. Help us serve everywhere by sponsoring another pastor's kid.

    Many of the churches that we support are very poor. Children's sunday school classes are often taught without materials such as Bibles, reading texts, or music. Through donations and support, Agabus PK is able to help provide items such as musical instruments, craft supplies, pictures, and more. These items help sunday school classes teach kids about God, Jesus, and the Bible. Without support many of the churches won't be able to properly educate their kids about our Christian faith.

    How You Can Support Agabus PK

    Please consider supporting a PK and helping them get the schooling they need with a financial donation. Finances also help Agabus PK to provide the needed materials to sunday school classrooms across Egypt.

    More Information

    For more information, contact mission head Mofid Wasef, .